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I like to draw

I like to draw on my history as an artist to solve problems for people.


What I do

  • Employ user-centered design principles
  • Balance user needs with business needs
  • Provide UX solutions and recommendations
  • Deliver flows, wireframes, mocks and prototypes
  • Debate strategies and iterate
  • User-test everything


Google logoGoogle – The focus is on a marketing campaign platform that supports high-volume emails, push notifications and more.

I work with researchers, designers and engineers to clearly define use cases. Flows, sketches and designs are used to inform prototypes that are user-tested.

I really enjoy working with such a great team. The scope of the intelligence being applied to things at Google is truly awe-inspiring.

I wish I could show more publicly, but it wouldn't be very "googly".

Target logoTarget – An Android redesign with emphasis on searching and browsing a complex inventory.

Target mobile


  • Drove the design of the navigation and interaction
  • Created prototypes to explore interaction patterns
  • Researched the competition
  • Participated in usability testing
  • Led card sorting exercises
    Product taxonomy


I created a number of mobile prototypes using Apple’s Keynote application to help define the interaction. An edge swipe-able multi-panel navigation was the result.    Wireframes

User testing

The prototypes were tested with users and confirmed the direction. We learned interesting things about how men and women shop on mobile devices – many men preferred to just search for products, whereas many women opted to browse.    Mocks


One of the consequences of this new navigation and shopping experience is that it has driven Target to adopt the same patterns for their iOS app as well. This is great news at it provides for an almost identical experience across both of the dominant mobile platforms.

Monitise logoMonitise – This project involved iOS and Android wireframes and mockups for City National Bank.

City National Bank

Monitise's client required user flows, wireframes and mockups for their iOS and Android banking apps. Special care was taken to account for the differences in UX patterns that each app required. Various ux enhancements were made to modernize the apps and improve mobile banking experiences.

I led user testing sessions and was involved in client meetings to finalize the designs. There were hundreds of pages of wireframes and mockups.

iOS mocks
Android mocks

Dow Jones logoDow Jones – A mobile prototype for users migrating from BlackBerry to iOS and Android.

Mobile web prototype

A mobile-optimized prototype of the MarketWatch website was needed to cater to users migrating from BlackBerry devices to iOS and Android.


  • Provide a mobile-friendly experience for iPhone and Android visitors
  • Provide access to market data and news
  • Optimize graphics and layout for mobile dimensions
  • Display a logical navigation scheme
  • Build a prototype using the jQuery mobile framework


I looked closely at how their website on a phone compared to their native iOS app. A simple viewport setting provided for a better viewing experience, and more effective space for advertising.

UI design

The protoype was created using jQuery mobile. I created the user interface and revised the jQuery templates to accommodate the MarketWatch brand. Challenges included how to treat the display of images, the navigation structure, and how quotes and embedded videos would be handled.
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  • Dow Jones
  • Etrade
  • frog design
  • General Electric
  • Google
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Monitise
  • Oxygen Media
  • Salesforce
  • Target
  • United Health Group


  • Sketch book
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • OmniGraffle
  • Keynote
  • Axure


I try and practice both art and science.

My story starts in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and includes two adventures to the SF Bay Area. Several years ago I lived in Millbrae and now reside in the Mission in San Francisco. I absolutely love it out here :-)

Sundrum Arts has been an experiment in me taking my creative abilities honed when I studied at art school, and translating them to the fields of user experience and digital product design.